We’ll be back for the first time in a while on Friday, August 30th at the Hideout Lounge. More details coming soon.

We’ll be at Shamrock’s this Friday night for a set. We go on around 10:00.

Hope to see you there!

After a little down time we’ll return to Louis Bar and Grill on December 22nd. This will be a great show as we will be joined with some great guests: Anna Eirinberg will return for her second trip to Louis. She played a great set the first time out and is a talented singer and musician. Alex Malnack will return with some guitar wizardry. Anna Jessick will be having her debut performance at a club. Anna is a great talent and might even join Cultured Pop for a song. Also on the bill is the Naive Filter; a new act comprised of members of Cultured Pop. Expect a club vibe in their debut.

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Part of Cultured Pop made the trek to Dubuque to watch a fantastic show with the B-52′s and Squeeze. First up, the B-52′s delivered an energetic performance of classic and recent tunes. Next, Squeeze knocked one out of the park!

We’re back at Louis on Saturday, June 16th with special guest Anna Eirinberg.

We had a great time at the Grove! We’ll be posting some photos from our great photog Mike Kasworm.

We’re looking forward to our upcoming appearance at the Grove on April 27th. We’ll perform along with Emotional Baggage, Double Clutch, and Narada. More details soon.

Come on out!